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1. Away From AIDS

An online serious game that teaches players how to prevent AIDS, how to take the right measures if they are likely to become infected with HIV, and spread knowledge about AIDS.

Game Scene 1: Identify the Characteristics of AIDS

The first gameplay is to interact with the characters through game props. Players can use a magnifying glass to look at a detailed part of the characters' body in the game. This way allows them to explore the scene to discover the characteristic of each character, thereby learning what it would be like if someone is infected with HIV. 

Game Scene 2: Learn about PEP and HIV Blockers

The second gameplay is to complete the task within a limited time. Our game deepens the memory of 72 hours by asking players to complete a time-limited task. Through this task, the player can realize that he must take HIV blockers within 72 hours to effectively avoid HIV infection. They can also learn where to buy blockers. 

Game Scene 3: Game Ending and Related Popular Science Knowledge

The third gameplay is to promote the development of the story and lead to different endings by making choices. By making multiple choices in the game, players will be led to different game endings. No matter whether the player is infected with HIV or not at the end, our game will tell the player how to take right measures in their current situation by enumerating relevant key knowledge points.

2. Wild Killer Circus

Wild Killer Circus is a famous circus for performing a wonderful circus show but actually it is an evil organization that is harming wild animals. Players have to complete each level to finally catch the boss to win the game and save the animals!

Main characters

3. Emojis

An expression memory game that allows players to use imagination to create their own facial and body expressions, and have a fun memory match with their friends. 

Physical Model

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