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Smart Fridge Interface

An interactive interface designed for fridges equipped with RFID systems

★ Interactive Mockup Video: https://youtu.be/b8jAiVwJuHo

Flow Diagram

Welcome page


Scan processing

Fridge Status page

Scan finished

Pop-up window

Add to Shopping List

My Shopping List

My Shopping Cart

Select the brand

Select the market

Place order

Order Details

Key Features

Our fridge is equipped with RFID technology. Users only need to put the items into the fridge and touch the 'Scan' button on the main page. Then the fridge will automatically scan the item information. Users no longer need to manually enter information when adding new items. 

Key feature 1: Automatic scan function

In the fridge status page, users can view the expiration date, quantity, category and other information of all items in the fridge. The key feature is that the user can add items to the shopping list directly by touching the item's icon when they check the remaining quantity and expiration date of the items on this page. When the user touches the item's icon, it will pop up a pop-up window to allow the user to quickly add this item to the shopping list. When users think of something to buy, they can easily add it to the shopping list in case they forget.

Key feature 2: 'Add to Shopping List' function

Users can view and edit their shopping list at any time. The window below shows 'Add to your online shopping cart?' which allows users to quickly add the items in their shopping list to the online shopping cart and online reserve delivery of the items they plan to buy. 

Key feature 3: Online shopping function

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